We offer 5 different types of classes for our CrossFit program. With our membership you will have access to all of the following at either our Newmarket or Aurora locations.

CrossFit Class:

All of our classes have three scaled levels: Competitive, Fitness and Foundations. Every class allows you to modify as needed for your level of CrossFit, whether you are completely new to the gym or have been with us since day one! You will learn all of the fundamental movements needed to safely and effectively perform CrossFit workouts.

Olympic Lifting:

This class is for intermediate and advanced CrossFitter’s only. If you want to work on your clean and jerk, or snatch, this class is perfect for you.

CrossFit Conditioning:

This class includes rowing, assault bikes, kettle bells, sleds, bodyweight exercises, burpees and other conditioning focused work. An excellent class to get into shape quickly and perfect for those who want to focus primarily on conditioning. Great on its own or added in with regular classes. This will be a fast paced hour of high intensity sweaty fun.

Sunday Funday {Newmarket only}:

These Classes will consist of mostly hero workouts and partner workouts. Hero workouts are some of the toughest and intense workouts in CrossFit! These will all be long workouts and a mental grind; perfect for sweating off the weekend!

License to Skill {Newmarket only}:

Intended to improve gymnastic skill, positional awareness and accelerate fitness by learning bodyweight progressions to be used in Crossfit strength and metcons. NEW accessory exercises and mobility work will challenge all three CFNAC members (comp, fitness, foundation) increasing joint health and facilitating movement demands. Come and get exposure to a variety of movements (and jokes) not typically used in the daily WODS. This class is open to ALL LEVELS regardless of experience and will be structured similarly to the daily WOD including a warm up, strength/accessory challenges and metcons.

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