Eye Of The Tiger

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The world is full of inspirational speeches. As long as there’s been struggle, sport or life grind in general there’s been a cute little kitten somewhere urging you to “just hang on.”

In the context of what we do here at the gym everyday, what I’m talking about is the struggle.

Metcon’s get tough, weight gets heavy and some days we’re just fighting an unavoidable sense of “blah.” These are the days where one gets to work on one’s inner self (whether one wants to or not).

In a big picture sense, there’s the choice between going to the gym or not. Quitting or not. Showing up to do the work or making an excuse for an easy day. There’s more to be had though when it comes to mental toughness.

I’ve read two books recently and I’d recommend both of them highly. The first is “Learning to Breathe Fire” about the formative years of CrossFit over the last decade and a half and the second is “My Fight, Your Fight” which is an autobiography about the first female UFC champion Ronda Rousey. A common piece to both reads is the idea of surrender (or lack thereof).

In Learning to Breathe Fire, CrossFit Games Athletes Annie Thorisdottir and Miko Salo talk about their unwillingness to be defeated by any workout. No matter how devastating or brutal the Metcon, no matter how crushing the weight, neither athlete will throw himself or herself to the ground after the buzzer goes. Animals who are submitting to another do that, so they don’t. They never “show their belly.” They will walk off the burning lungs and the dizziness because they’re unwilling to surrender even after the work is done.

In My Fight, Your Fight, Ronda talks about her mantra of “winning every second of your life.” It is not enough to be content with “ok” or “good enough for now.” If there was an ounce of effort left in you to give or any surrender at all in your mindset, even for a second, you should be pissed.

Now these are extreme cases of extreme athletes but the message is easily seen and easily applied: Most often our greatest challenge is found between the ears and pushing through a tough day or tough workout or tough moment is the essence of life and the essence of what we’re all here suffering to achieve.

So don’t bow out, don’t take a knee. Come to kick ass and take names. Win every second and go get what you’re after. Whatever that may be.

-Jesse Kirkeby
CrossFit Newmarket Central & CrossFit Aurora Central

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