Getting Better

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Coaches Corner

With Raymond Parker

Getting Better Is A Campaign

After a windstorm, only the sturdiest trees remain standing. The harsher the wind, the stronger a tree must be in order to withstand it. Trees that survive the most adverse weather conditions have developed deep roots and stout trunks. A forest constantly tested by adversity will grow and endure. Our CFNAC community is constantly tested by the winds of the programming and we too, will grow and endure. We do this together every time at 3..2..1..GO!

But why do some athletes remain consistent, motivated, and constantly go through positive changes while others may not realize the same?

They’ve got a campaign not complacency; a connected series of operations/routines, behaviours, and even a mindset designed to bring about a particular result.

Complacency is going home with the same shirt you worked out in and then deciding you would cut it as a hand model. It’s not making your sex face while doing the last few reps in the “Strength” component. It’s skipping the gym to watch ‘Charlie’s Angels’ instead of making a sweat angel. When you start accepting the fact that you are responsible for your outcomes and that unlike trees, we have free will and choice to do more than just stand around and get shaded by those whom choose to stand tall to reach for their goals.

We live in a society of instant gratification. We are all affected by it. It creeps into all areas of our life including the gym. Campaigns however, are realized over time. It takes effort and you can’t buy it on Amazon.

Now I may not know what your goals are here at CFNAC but do you? And if you do, what’s your campaign?

Grab some paper, plot out your day with times that are occupied for anything like work, social obligations, and appointments you’ve made with our amazing CFNAC team for nutritional guidance, goal setting, and personal training. Then fill in times you can commit to your physical and mental well-being at the gym. The birth of a campaign, isn’t it beautiful!?

Next, realize that you can’t do it alone. Most athletes in the community are going through many of the same struggles you are with scheduling, motivation, eating habits to name a few. So leverage the community, reach out and make friends if you’re new. Share your excitement of the progress you’re making with your family, friends, and members. Having a positive and encouraging support group will help keep you focused.

And finally, maybe the most important, brush up on your mental game. The brain can easily derail your campaign when you least expect it. It’s important to psych yourself up for the long haul until it becomes second nature or a lifestyle. While Campaigns do have an end result it doesn’t mean you pack it in 3 weeks from now. Thinking long-term and “lifestyle”, it will create a shift in your goal from something that’s in the distance, out of reach, to a realization in the present that every day you’re meeting the goal to stay the course. Take satisfaction in the everyday that you’ve now created a routine, behaviour, and positive mindset to bring you that much closer to a lifetime of a more physically and mentally fit you.

Avoiding the low hanging fruit that is complacency will not only create positive change in you but also in those around you. If you’re reading this and are realizing your goals through a campaign then I encourage you to share with us what has been working for you and how you’re able to remain consistent, motivated, and constantly go through positive change.

For those of you who feel complacent, frustrated, or interested in creating a campaign of your own, we can help! Just contact myself or any of the CFNAC team and let’s GO GET SOME!