Happy Canada Day!

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Hopefully everyone is enjoying their Canada Day so far. Many of you may have started the celebrations early and taken yesterday off as well! In that case, you’re only part-way in to a long long weekend. Is there anything more glorious in the whole wide world? Perhaps… but this will definitely do.

This week on my video I went over the basic rules of the Paleo style of eating. As I said therein, for my money there’s no better way to get into the pool of nutritious eating and to get on the right track for health and fitness.

So a simple recap: To adhere to Paleo Eating, eat meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Anything you could hunt down with a spear, pick off a tree or rummage around for on a bush is fair game. Avoid dairy, legumes, processed food, sugars, grains and alcohol.

Now there’s always some exceptions and questions as to “why this and not that.” A couple of them are: “Why can’t I eat green beans, lentils, or tofu?” Well, in answer, tofu is a processed food so it’s out and while beans and lentils are not necessarily bad for you, there are more nutrient dense foods that are a staple of the Paleo Style like organ meat, meat, fish and eggs for example.

So for the sake of simplicity, if you’re just trying to change your eating habits and get healthier, follow the simple rules like an unthinking automaton for six weeks and see what happens. Take solace and pleasure in the simplicity of the rules. Worship the rules. Doubters or questioners will be hauled off and tortured as dissidents.

Besides that, the best part of this style is no portion control! Have three steaks for dinner! Eat an entire bushel of asparagus! Breakfast could be six eggs and six pieces of bacon. You are the captain of your Plate and the master of your Sole! Live your dream.

But maybe start after this holiday weekend. There is a reasonable chance that there might be some beverages consumed in the next three days and the only thing worse than a Paleo Dissident is a party pooper. Train hard, enjoy responsibly and I’ll see you guys in the gym!

Happy Canada Day.

-Coach Jesse Kirkeby