How To Prep For Your Open Workout

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The time is upon us! Another Open workout (15.2) will be unveiled tonight at 8:00pm. Coming off the successful completion of last weeks 15.1 and 15.1a, some are looking to reel in their workout prep and absolutely smash 15.2. Below are a couple things to keep in mind for Friday (or whenever you choose to do the workout).


Get a good night’s shuteye the night before. I know we all have busy jobs and busy lives with busy families, but the best and simplest leg up you can give yourself before competing is a decent night’s sleep. Lower the temperature of your room, make it as dark as possible (turn off electronics and lights) and don’t even look at your phone after bedtime (every time you look at that bright screen you basically have to start the process of falling asleep over again). Aim for at least 8 hours. 9 would be better.


Keep it simple and light on competition day. Stay away from heavy foods that are difficult to digest. Avoid the grease and the sugar. Eat as often as you need to curb hunger. An hour or so before you expect to workout, try some slow release carbs (like oatmeal) with some protein (fish, chicken or protein powder). A little bit of fruit for a tiny spike of sugar wouldn’t be too bad either closer to the event.

WARNING: Eating to perform can be a lot different than our regular daily intake. If you haven’t been using supplements or food as performance fuel in your everyday life, do not RADICALLY change your diet on competition day. In the future, maybe, but for now your body has learned to exercise with what you usually use to fuel it. Competition day is not the time to make huge alterations.


Each class as well as the Throw Down has a suggested warmup that should get you prepped and ready to go. If you’re doing your own thing, remember: Raise the body’s temperature (running, rowing, airdyning, skipping), stretch dynamically (return your body to its current full range of motion, don’t focus on long holds in lengthy stretches), prep the Central Nervous System (do a light amrap or interval work on an airdyne. Use movements that are similar or identical to the ones in the workout which allows you to experience work/rest and the elevated heart rate that will occur in the WOD), do some light skill work (whatever skill is required for the workout, warm it up and give it a view reps, working up to working weight or height, etc).

Mental Game.

The mind is usually the biggest culprit when it comes to performance or lack thereof. You’ve spent the time in the gym getting stronger and faster and that’s not going to change TODAY. You have arrived, for better or worse, at competition day with your competition body. What you CAN affect last minute is your mindset. Firstly; relax. You’ve got the skills, you’ve seen the movements and you’ve worked your ass off. Remember that it’s just another workout in a long line of tough workouts. Second; find your zen. Listen to good music, cruise Pintrest for inspirational quotes, watch a cool pump up video on youtube. Get yourself outside your head for a sec and let it all come together. Lastly; game face. Take it seriously. Its’ all for fun but you’re here to work and push yourself. Just turn off your brain at the call of “3,2,1, go” and push it to the limit. You’ll feel amazing after the struggle knowing that you showed up for war.

So those are a few things to think about going forward in the Open. Tune in Thursday’s at 8:00pm on for the workout announcement. Then get ready to have a great time, work hard and have fun.

Good luck!

-Jesse Kirkeby
CrossFit Newmarket Central & CrossFit Aurora Central

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