It’s Time

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It’s time.

A new month, a new gym and a new blog post. All three have been some time in the making.

With the opening of Crossfit Aurora Central (CFNC’s sister gym and home to an impressive sense of colour coding) there’s more room and incentive than ever to spread your wings, move some iron and get hella fit.

But how?

Well, as I’ve been want to say, nothing focuses your training and effort in the gym like an event. A competition of some sort (whether against other people, nature or yourself) gives a solid date in the future that you’re held accountable for. With a date comes a timeline and with a specific type of event comes specificity of training. Other concerns include being able to peak your performance at the right time, managing your injuries and tailoring your diet to maximize physical ability.

Now what about The Crossfit Open you say? Well, yes. The Open is an excellent opportunity to test you physically within the bounds of Crossfit. It uses all the same movements you see every day in the gym and ranks you worldwide against your peers, elite athletes and little old ladies.

I would suggest however giving yourself a physical test that is not Crossfit at least once a year. What we’re learning at the gym is the ability to move well, with power and a modicum of grace. We’re training to be better at anything and everything physical. So test yourself. Join a sports league, run an obstacle race, enter a wrestling tournament or enter a 10km run (or distance swim!). Do a bunch, do a different one every time. Train, compete and assess. Take your new found knowledge of weakness or strength back to the gym and get better. Repeat the process often and with enthusiasm. Not only will it fire up your training but you may find a new passion out there as well.

So it’s time. Time for a new gym. Time for Summer. Time for you to focus, kick ass and look good doing it. Get it.

-Jesse Kirkeby
CrossFit Newmarket Central & CrossFit Aurora Central

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