The Magic Pill To Lose Weight

I want to let you in on a little secret about how to lose weight. You need to promise that you won’t tell anyone. It’s obvious to some of us, but it’s what the majority of people don’t realize. That next best thing you want to try, because you think that it will FINALLY be the thing that works for you… Well, believe it or not, the answer is NOT that shiny object that everyone is always chasing after. 

“I’ve tried everything to lose weight but nothing ever works for me. I swear, if I only try that next shiny object it will definitely give me the results I want.” I’ve heard these types of remarks hundreds of times. The person who comes into the gym and tells us that they just can’t get the results they want. They work so hard but it just doesn’t make a difference. 

We are a society that has become accustomed to instant gratification. You want results yesterday or isn’t working. Sometimes you give it a month, sometimes a week and believe it or not some people give up because they don’t get results in a few days.

What if the biggest issue with why you haven’t got results yet is because you’ve missed one major part of the equation? What if I told you that I finally have the magic pill you’ve always wanted? I can guarantee you that it will work. Yes, guarantee!! That’s a big word to throw around. Also, what if that magic pill was free? Would you take it? No side effects. Just good old fashioned results.

Here’s the secret. It’s not what you want to hear and it certainly isn’t what you expected.

The magic pill is patience. Yes, that simple thing in life where you actually give something time to work.

It doesn’t matter what fancy program you follow or what new diet you think will do the trick. It’s actually sticking to the plan and letting it work. Now, it’s obviously a little more complex than that but the biggest thing to remember is that if you stuck to an okay plan 100% instead of sticking to the BEST PLAN only 30%. Which would garner better results? 

This is the predicament we see so many people run into. They have a great plan right in front of them but they won’t give it the time and effort it needs to actually work. 

Next time you think of changing your nutrition or your workout program, sit back and examine if you’ve actually given it a fighting chance to work. Maybe the grass isn’t greener on the other side after all. Maybe you just need to water the grass on your side.

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