Parveen Khan

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Parveen Khan describes herself as a mom of three young children, makeup artist, avid gardener, holistic health & wellness advocate & a possibility seeker. She’s been doing personal training for a little under 1 year with the guidance of coach Ernesto Spagnuolo. Here’s what she has to say about how personal training has improved her life.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned from doing personal training? This could be either mental or physical (or both).
Personal training has helped me to realize that I have the capacity to be mentally and physically stronger than I once thought. Having a coach to help me define my fitness goals and then working towards achieving them has helped to change my perspective as I approach turning 40 years old.
I’ve not only gained strength and endurance to keep up with my three kids and life overall, I have also noticed a huge improvement with my immunity (I did not get sick this past winter despite being exposed by my children). My husband would likely also say my mood has much improved ?

How has doing personal training helped you to achieve your goals?
Working with Ernesto consistently over the past year has been instrumental in helping me rebuild my body after having three children. I have lost 15 pounds, feel so much stronger and feel more comfortable in my clothes. Not only has Personal Training helped carve out “me” time to workout, I now realize just what an impact my dedication to exercising has had on my two daughters. Their motivation to be strong has come to the forefront as they watch me work towards achieving my fitness goals. My intention was initially to be stronger and feel better in my body. The amazing “side effect” of inspiring others, especially my kids, has been an awesome and unexpected outcome.

What type of person would you recommend personal training for?
I would recommend it for anyone that wants to strengthen their body, function better in their day-to-day activities and have fun at the same time. Making the investment of time to build a stronger, healthier body with the expertise of a Personal Trainer has been one of the best investments in my future state of health.

What made you decide that it would be a good decision to hire a personal trainer?
Due to the fact that I have such a busy life juggling the needs of my family, I knew I needed the extra accountability factor. Knowing that I have a set appointment to show up and do my best has been a factor in my success of getting to the gym. Making excuses is harder when I treat it as an appointment with my coach. I also was worried about injuring myself, especially post-partum. Having Ernesto to guide me along without pushing myself beyond what works for my body has prevented any issues.

What doubts or hesitations did you have before hiring a personal trainer?
Since I have worked with Personal Trainers in the past (before having kids), I did not have any hesitations. I have always found that having a PT has worked well for my personality. I need the extra encouragement to push myself outside of my perceived capabilities. Having a coach to ensure I am following our fitness plan towards achieving my goals has been instrumental for my success.

Did you consider alternatives? What other gyms did you consider/visit before choosing us? Which ones? Have you hired a personal trainer in the past?
I love the functional aspect of CrossFit and cannot imagine going back to a traditional gym for Personal Training.

Where exactly did you hear about us?
My husband initially found CFNAC online and was very encouraging that I try it out; he thought it would be a good fit for me. For once, I decided to listen to him ?

How would you describe your experience with your trainer to a friend?
Ernesto is always positive and encouraging. Even when I feel like I cannot make it through a set, he always ensures that I get it done.

What would you miss the most if you weren’t doing personal training?
I would miss the tailored workouts. Working with a Personal Trainer has kept me motivated especially when facing a plateau. It has also been an efficient use of time because Ernesto ensures we focus on the exercises that work best for my body and the goals I want to achieve.

What are some things you would like to brag about that you’ve been able to accomplish because of personal training?
My ability to hold a plank has gone from about 20 seconds to approximately a minute. My core strength has improved, which in turn has eliminated the back pain I used to experience. I still have more work to do to get my core to where I would like it, but I am focused and determined and know with Ernesto’s help I will get there.