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Test yourself at CrossFit Aurora Central and uncover true fitness in the process. We believe that we are all gifted with natural athleticism but it’s up to us to tap into it. Everyone deserves a healthy, fit, happy life — with hard work, a proven methodology and a fitness family to support our journeys, we can all unveil of all that we’re truly capable. CrossFit Aurora Central is the place to shed the gimmicks, transform the body, and redefine fitness. No matter your athletic or aesthetic goals, behind you is a fun, supportive, and motivated community, as well as a dedicated, highly-educated, highly-experienced training staff. We espouse a methodology that works, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another gym that puts it into motion it as well as we do. CrossFit Aurora Central offers the best of the best, from the trainers, to the facilities, the equipment, but most of all, the community that supports you in your fitness journey. Show yourself what you’re made of.

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  • You won't find a more welcoming facility from the coaches right to the members....everyone plays a part in completing the Workout (WOD), no matter how challenging. A super fun community where everyone is there to support each other.

    Cindy Hubbard Szram

  • If I could give 10 stars, I would! Honestly the best CrossFit gym, with the best owners and coaches around. People who truly care about your overall health and fitness, no matter where you are in your fitness journey (beginner, dealing with an injury - literally anything can be scaled or modified). An amazing facility, with tons of equipment and excellent programming! You will never be bored at CrossFit.

    Bethany Kuboniwa

  • I love CFNAC because it is always such a challenging workout everyday, whether it is a WOD or Conditioning class. Every time I leave a class, I feel great about what I accomplished that day. I have seen great results after a year of training and continue to push myself each and every time. I enjoy the camaraderie and social element as well. I am really grateful to have been introduced to CFNAC and look forward to seeing more results as I continue.

    Matt Smith